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>Learch Engine Finds

>In this post are some images of kinky ornaments, that I found on SEXCULTURAS, a while ago. They have been put in this post because I think that they are really cute and I have not found an excuse to put them in a post yet, so they are here for no reason at all.

It is time once more to find out what weird and wonderful search phrases loured people to this blog, enjoy.

Learch engine finds

Amanda Pixie Wells – Has Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells got a cousin? strange that they both have the same middle name.

Wespankgirls – I hope that they are better than Westlife

Bent over desk clip – That must be a very big desk clip

Non consensual spanking – Not on this blog mate

Joanna Pritchart pussy – Is that a LOL cat?

Kinky men as housemaids – Not yet but give me time (or an excuse)

Spanjed hubby – Spelling!

Spnaked hubby – You again! buy a dictionary and visit Spanked Hubby

Home made spanking machine – Are you trying to give me ideas? Could work

Whipping machine lucky – Not for all those out of work Tops, that it is

How tall is Leia-Ann Woods – I have had this repeatedly for weeks now, check out this post Spanking Model Spotlight – Leia Ann Woods!

Volunteers for spanking – ME! ME! ME!

Hamster porn spanking caning – Absolutely no kids or animals here

Ssny spanking – Ssny?

Rohrstock ballast – Is that what you find in the hold of the good ship ROHRSTOCK

Clare Fonda rectal thermometer – You had better ask Clare Fonda’s permission before using that.

Parachute cream – I don’t know how that got you here but you are well lost


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  1. >ROFL at Rohrstock ballast!I can help with one of the apparently nonsensical search terms, though. SSNY (Strictly Spanking New York) is a new social group in New York City that has parties every couple months. I haven’t made it to one yet, but I intend to!

  2. >Thanks Indy, that was confusing me, I can see why some one would search for SSNY now. It is still mind boggling how that got them to this blog though, unless I have been sleep blogging and don’t remember writing a post about SSNY :-)Prefectdt

  3. >Ha, brilliant Prefectd, the search terms are interesting but I can’t help feel a little sorry for the ones that are completely non spanking related. What a surprise they must get. Parachute cream…and now you will get more hits for that just because you mentioned it.Love the figurines as well. I came across some quite large female figurines in a gift shop that had decidely femdom styling with tight black leather boots and outfits. The only thing missing was the whip. I really wanted to buy one and was trying not to be too obviously excited when pointing them out to the work colleague I was with. Moments like that are priceless.HugsMina

  4. >Well Mina, they are clicking on a page with the title of “Spankedhortic” in it, so they may have gotten a hint from that :-)I Googled “parachute cream” myself and found it to be a hair product. Four pages into the search, There was still no mention of this blog. Some people must have a lot of time to waste on search engines.Wish I had been in that shop to see that.Prefectdt


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